"Et land, der accepterer abort, lærer ikke sit folk at elske, men anvender vold for at få, hvad det ønsker sig. Det er derfor, at den største ødelægger af kærlighed og fred, er abort." Moder Teresa

09 februar 2016

Salg af aborterede fostre i smådele ryster stadig amerikanerne

Hilsen fra USA: Hundrede tusinde var på gaden for at forsvare de ufødte.

Af Leonard O Goenaga, Ph.D. in Theological Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Wake Forest, NC.

While Denmark finds its cold weather coming to a thaw, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers have descended upon the United State’s capital and are preparing to brave an impending blizzard. Despite a historic snowstorm, these pro-lifers are adamant that—rain or shine—their annual March for Life goes on.

Currently, Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider in the States—receives nearly half-a-billion dollars in tax-paid government funding. While this is enough motivation for their march, a series of undercover videos have recently exposed their practice of selling baby parts.
You may have heard about the undercover Planned Parenthood (PP) videos released by a 3-year-long investigative journalism study conducted by The Center for Medical Progress. In these videos, activist actors take the role of fetal tissue and organ buyers, and engage in a number of horrifying conversations with Planned Parenthood executives and leaders.
Throughout the videos, Planned Parenthood personnel haggle over the line-item “compensation” prices of intact baby parts, explain the methods they use to discuss intentionally altering abortive procedures to use “less crunchy” techniques that result in intact body parts, and even admit to utilizing legal and communication strategies to “not get caught.”

The list stretches across Planned Parenthood’s hierarchy: they include everything from their Senior Director of Medical Services, to the President of PPFA’s Medical Directors, to Directors of Research, to individual clinic directors.
In short, the videos are worse than you could possibly imagine. Seriously. No summary can match the absolute horror of seeing the conversations and images they capture. Here’s one of the many examples from the videos that make them so morally repulsive (and there are so many to pick from!).
Picture the buyer, the PP clinic’s doctor, and her assistant standing over a petri dish. The PP personnel are casually prodding through a pink mass of the clearly recognizable organs of an 11-week old fetus. The buyer is intentionally trying to get PP to sell him specific parts based on value (selling fetal organs for profit is illegal in the U.S., as is partial birth abortion).

Here are some samples of their exchange:
Buyer: “Was that crack, the little bits of the skull?”
PP Asst.: “Mhm”
PP Asst.: “I just want to see one leg. Here’s a foot.”
PP Dr.: “It’s a baby.”
Buyer: “Is this the heart?”
PP Asst.: “I think so, here’s the heart.”
PP Dr.: “Everyone’s trying to get in on it.”
PP Asst.: I think my fingers will smush it if I try to get it out.” [laughter]
PP Asst.: [laughs] Five stars!
PP Dr.: “So do people want brain? What do they do with brain?”
Buyer: “Yeah, so brain, what you can do is – “
PP Dr.: “Do people do stuff with eyeballs?”
Buyer: “Oh yeah”
PP Dr.: “Here’s a stomach, heart, kidney, adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there, tiny.”
PP Asst.: “I don’t see the legs, do you see the legs?”
PP Asst.: [jokingly] “And another boy!”

The irony is tragic. Even as they prod through the “war torn” remains of a child, they can casually describe him as what he is: a “baby” and a “boy.” The moral outrage is lost on them, and this reality is as tragic as their haggling over baby parts.

If you were to watch the videos, you would understand why pro-lifers are willing to brave blizzards in their march to end this barbarism.

Find optagelserne her: Center for Medical Progress

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